Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How FAR away is that???

Have you ever looked at a map of England? No I don't mean Britain - just England itself. Ok, get that atlas out...WHAT you don't have one???? Alright, here is the link to the information on the worlds only source of completely inaccurate information: hehehehehe For those lazy ones of you (yes that is almost ALL of you) I will give you some of the basic need to knows for understanding distance in England;
1. 130,395 km2 or 50,346 sq mi England and Texas 268,820[2] sq mi or 696,241 km2

so.............basically Texas is 4 times larger than England. Now don't forget that England is just one of the countries on the isle of Great Britain. Wales and Scotland are present too. Together they are 209,331 km² or 80,823 square miles. STILL tiny compared to Texas! hehehehe

Now for the distance from Texas to Bristol....let me consult my friend google maps, what will he tell me? I hope he doesn't recommend driving directions!!!! LOL :-) Hey it is smarter than I thought, it didn't work! Ok, now I am going to try... hmm I don't know... time for Ask Jeeves! Forty years later I will give you a rough estimate. The distance is approx. 4.000 miles give or take a bunch of miles. hehehe.

What I am trying to say is I have a lot of sitting to do on the airplane and I hope I don't go stir crazy!!!!! I have only flown as far as Puerto Rico before and that was bad enough. This time I will arrive at DFW Airport at about 10am Wednesday, June 10th and arrive in Bristol Airport 9am THURSDAY, June 11th. Do you feel sorry for me yet? NOT! I am sure you don't because I think it will be all worth it to see my Fruit Loop again. PLUS I will get to EXPLORE ENGLAND with him by my side. Oh and there is a six hour time difference so I will only be an airport/airplane captive for about 17 hours!

Yikes it is time to get on the plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Write more when I land and get over my jet lag. Adios for now!

Monday, June 8, 2009

So this is what kissing is like?!

Many of you know that what I write here on my blog is read not only by adults, but by my students and there friends also. I have tried to make this story PG so that all of my followers can enjoy the journey with me. HOWEVER, there IS more to the story so stay tuned all of you "fans" for my future book. It is a "coming of age" type of novel that is sure to give you the details you have been wondering about! hehehehehehe

In my past I have had some experiences with men that have caused me to shy away from potential relationships. Every time a boy started to become "interested" in me I would back off quickly, even if I really liked him. By the time I was thirty-seven and three-quarters I had still "never been kissed". Ok, yes I had been kissed, but not like a REAL boyfriend/Girlfriend kiss that I wanted and let continue! (hehehehehe This is starting to sound like a Drew Barrymore film!!!) To be honest I was EXTREMELY worried about this fact and knew that I would just embarrass myself to death if Bluefish and I were to ever meet in person and he expected me to KISS him. GROSS!!!!!!!! KISSING!!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what my students said when I would talk about Mr. Crates! BUT the day that Mr. Crates photo fell onto the floor they INSISTED that I KISS HIM to make it better!!! Now here I am 37 and never really kissed a man and 4TH graders are telling me to kiss his PHOTO! lol Heck, I was even embarrassed to do that! THEN the day finally arrived... Fruit Loop was on his way to see Sweet Pea and she was going to have to KISS him!!!! grrrrrrrr What was she going to do??? Let's face it, I am a terrible kisser! I don't even know what kissing is supposed to be!!!! The only advice I have is from one of my students on how I should kiss the computer monitor to tell Mr. Crates I love him!!!!!!!!! Hey, I have an idea! Do they sell books on how to kiss? Maybe I can read a book about good kissing....hmmm.....that idea has potential....

DARN! I never read the book and now he is going to come out of the airport terminal and..... Oh, we will be surrounded by all kinds of people so he will just kiss me on the check or peck me on the lips. Right? RIGHT? Oh no people are coming through the doors... I think I am going to be sick... Is it too late to run??? Will he see me or can I just hide? What if we just stick to being friends... friends only kiss on the check right? I see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo scared!!!!!!!!!!! NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Holly Batman he is hugging me and KISSING ME IN FRONT OF EVERYONE and I don't know how to kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are watching my humiliating moment in time, they can all tell. They are saying..."Look at that poor guy, his girlfriend doesn't know how to kiss. How sad." Yes, I am lying. They are not saying that. They don't even know that I can't kiss, but I bet Bluefish can tell! Yikes, he is kissing me again. Who in the world is this guy anyway???? I have only talked to him on the internet for a few months. Why is he touching me and kissing me?

Have I given you guys an understanding of what was going on in my head the very first time I meet Bluefish? I am sure you never dreamed that the only thing I would be worried about was the kissing. Again, I want to remind you that certain men had not been nice to me in my past, so I was very scared to let a boy that close to me. On a serious note, I urge you to talk to a trusted friend if someone has hurt you in the past so he/she can be stopped. It is NEVER ok to just let the situation go. In my case I did not take that advice and other girls have paid for my fear.

Don't worry, this is a fairy tale so it has a happy ending! Well, I finally got Bluefish to the car and we headed home. Away from the onlookers I started to relax and remember that I DID know this strange man in the car...he was My Fruit Loop, my One True Love. WOW! I could actually touch his arm and smell him. He is not on the computer screen, he is REAL!!!!! After a short drive we arrived and as the minutes passed my anxiety decreased and I decided maybe I would try to kiss him myself! hehehehehehe

It wasn't long into our 16 day vacation (holiday if you want to talk Brit!) that I decided kissing the man you love and want to be with for always wasn't so bad after all. Now, over two months later, Fruit Loop had best watch out because it is going to be me that kisses him at the airport so hard that he is going to fall over!!!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx These are all for you GBRC!