Friday, June 19, 2009

I Bought a BIKE! (and other shopping in England)

On Thursday afternoon, my first day here, Fruit Loop and I went shopping! Yes, crazy in a way because I was so jet lagged, but we wanted to keep me awake so my body would start to adjust to the six hour time difference. Off we went to Ikea, home of all of our furniture and FOOD. I was still hungry so we stopped in the cafe where I had a spot of fish and chips! Oh and a lite soda with NO ice. In fact I didn't even see ice ANYWHERE! grrrrrr YUCK, it was disgusting. Best not let Fruit Loop know, hehehehe. Well we zoomed around and picked up bits and pieces for our wardrobe (That is a fake closet in case you didn't know. They don't have closets! strange?!) Then we went to a store like Walgreens called BOOTS. It was very nice, but NO crest toothpaste, hmmm. Honestly, I can't remember if we did anything else because I was about dead!

Then on Friday we did more shopping at.....WALMART!! They call it ASDA here, but it also has Walmart on the sign. We ate a yummy brunch there and then looked around and bought a few things for me to cook for dinner. (Ok, don't faint, yes I cooked dinner for them! I also wash dishes, do laundry... but that is for another blog entry!) NOPE, Walmart in England is not the same. They have just a tiny selection of stuff, but it was nice to be in a familiar place. The grocery department was wonderful with plenty of choices. AND I avoided the clothes section so I wouldn't be tempted!

After Walmart we went to a place called Argos. EVERYONE in England has an Argos catalog, it is real thick and FULL of great stuff at awesome prices. I was all excited and I had picked out something to buy. We walk in and BAM there are NO shelves, just little stands with catalogs and computers! You can only order from the catalog and they will get it from the warehouse in the back or off site! I was SHOCKED. Guess I was expecting how Sears used to be when I was a kid, you could shop AND order from the catalog. :-) I think we went to a few more stores, but my brain was so tired by then I had no idea what was up or down.

Saturday we went shopping again! (But first we cleared out tons of junk from the backyard and took it to the tip, that's the dump. I think we made about 5 trips!!!) This time we went to the giant B & Q which is just like Home Depot, orange too! We went straight to the bathroom section and I got my medicine cabinet I wanted. (The purchase at Argos was for the bathroom as well. Living with two boys, you have to find space for all your girly stuff!) After we strolled around a bit we left for the next shop....the BIKE store!!!! WAIT!!! I am wearing a skirt and flip flops, cute flip flops too!!!! Maybe we should go another day? He looked disappointed so I decided to give it a go.

It was LOVE at first site.... and no I don't mean Bluefish. A classic red bike, three speeds, leather seat/hand grips, ding-ding bell, skinny tires with a white wash, a back rack to carry items, and the cherry-on-top... a wicker basket!!!!! Just what I had been looking for. I was so excited I bought it right away, forgetting that pounds and dollars don't match! YIKES, went a bit over my budget, but when I got on it Monday... It was worth every penny!!!!! Now all I need is a dog to ride in the basket. Bluefish tells me he is going to get me a stuffed one, darn...

Almost forgot, we went to the mall on Saturday too and guess what? It is just like ours! Big, bright, posh, full of stores like GAP, Starbucks, Disney... oh and even McDonald's - where I finally got a diet coke with ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday we went on an adventure (I will write about that next!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome Home!

In my daze of despair, sure that the "Bobbie" (British Police) were following us as we left the airport, Bluefish drove me for a scenic route around Bristol before we headed for his house. Having been unable to give him a proper enthusiastic greeting at the airport, all I wanted to do was get to the house, get a drink, and sit on the sofa and say hello. Instead we went from one beautiful vantage point to another and I grew thirstier and thirstier! Remember that nice kiss I was going to give him? Well now my lips were so dry I didn't think it would even be possible EVER AGAIN! hehehehe FINALLY, I begged to go to his house and he realized I really WAS in need of a drink and a place to sit down and BREATH in safety for a moment. After checking the rear view mirror a few more times, we pulled into the street positive that the blimey immigration police had not followed us. Phew!

I had a nice diet coke, Fruit Loop had bought me a whole 12 pack, and finally calmed down from the interrogation at the airport. Oh yes and a bit of kissing went on too! lol Eager to show me the bedroom he had worked so hard on, Bluefish took my hand and lead me up the stairs. When we opened the door to the room, I started to cry. He had decorated it with all assorted colored Welcome Home balloons, Welcome Home signs, fresh flowers, a cheerful duvet cover (bedspreadish thing) and the furniture as stunning! But most important was the message...WELCOME HOME. On the headboard was also a cute card that offered me HIS HOME, HIS FAMILY, and HIMSELF as mine for always. Plus a set of house keys. SIGH, SIGH, SIGH.... so romantic. He even had a box of tissues ready for me to use because he said he knew I would cry!

PS. The dinning room and living room also had fresh flowers too! No ladies, you can't steal my man. BUT he does have a single brother....

Monday, June 15, 2009

So, how was the trip? YIKES!!!

First I just want to say.... I looked CUTE! Who could resist a Texas Gal dressed in cowgirl boots, long denim skirt, lacy tank-top, pink/brown western shirt all topped with a straw hat???? Oh and don't forget the piggies with pink ribbons! Guess I should have thought twice, three times, or maybe four times about this being my arrive in Bristol outfit. Why? PASSPORT IMMIGRATION OFFICERS! DING DING DING!!! American flying to meet her one true love and sneak her way into the UK! DANGER! We are being invaded by American girls trying to steal our men! DON'T let her in!!! If that doesn't work...SCARE her to death! Ask her lots of questions when she is at her weakest (remember she is on USA time it is 3am over there!), look to see if she has any money, and whatever you do don't forget to tell her she will be BLACKLISTED from ever returning to England if she stays EVEN ONE DAY past her six months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all started so innocent. I got to the airport, just one bag heavy (only a $150 fine, grrrrr but a girl needs her clothes!) and only needed to rearrange a few things to meet the 50 pound weight limit. Shot through security and then typed the distance entry on my blog. Up in the air to Newark and then writing cards, eating lunch, and mailing bills at the Newark Airport. Hmmm... plenty of time left lets get online and chat with a friend. "Last call for boarding to Bristol at gate 75!" HOLLY BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's my flight! I am at gate 71 and still on Texas time one hour behind. Three other people also scramble and we make a mad dash to the terminal, jump on the plane, and slam into our seats. WHEW!!! Safe of board I get all excited again and settle in for the zillion hour flight. ARGH!!!!!! If that baby screams one more time.... geez this is so uncomfortable, when I am rich I am flying First Class! hehehehe Wait, what is that..... I can see ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!! As we flew over the countryside ready for our decent I was so happy. Finally the journey was over. All I had to do was clear customs with my forty bottles of hair products and I was in Fruit Loops arms.....NOPE!

As you read earlier I was held hostage at the passport area and grilled to a crisp by a very professional Customs Agent. I have been duly noted and warned that I am only welcome in the UK for 6 months and not a MINUTE longer. Guess Fruit Loop best take care of that situation pretty darn quick then!

(For those of you who are on top of things, sorry this took so long to post. Been so busy and trying to get over jet lag. Geez it is not easy to loose 6 hours. Will write more soon!)