Thursday, July 16, 2009

BRISTOL - A look at my new city!

June 18th

It was my German gal-friends last day to be with us so Bluefish thought it would be the perfect time to introduce both of us to my new city - BRISTOL!! At this point I STILL had NOT learned my lesson, so I dressed to look cute! When will I EVER learn???? One of the most famous and recognizable sites in Bristol is the Clifton Suspension Bridge (make sure you look at the link it has a 360 view that is to DIE for!!!!) which is just about ten minutes down the road. EXCEPT that you have to PARK ten minutes AWAY!!!!!!! We trudged up the hill by the cliff houses that are Victorian is style and such pretty colors. Right before you enter the crossing point for the bridge they have some special displays for wildflowers that are ONLY found in the area and a few that can be only found in the steep Avon Gorge. GUESS WHAT??? One of the special flowers is a breed of DAISES!!!!! My absolute FAV flowers!!! (see photo)

Crossing the bridge for the first time was special for me. One of my first homework assignments from Bluefish was to learn about the designer of the bridge, Brunell. YES, you heard me right, HOMEWORK. hehehehe For those of you who do not know me well, I am a perpetual student AND teacher. To get me interested in Bristol and possibly teach me some of the history about my new home, Fruit Loop gave me homework lists of famous Bristolians to research and write a report on. WHAT??? You wouldn't do that??? You think he is demanding??? What right does he have to give you HOMEWORK??? hehehehe I LOVED IT! With the six hour time difference, every time we would talk, Bluefish would then go to bed. I, on the other hand, would be all bouncy trouncy pouncy and wanting to talk more. To keep me busy he set me out on these assignments to "keep me from getting into too much trouble". Needless to say the bridge is special to me and I couldn't wait to stand in the middle of it and look down into the tidal river.

WOW!!!! The gorge is beautiful and soooooo steep!!!!! To my German friends pleasure, and mine too - don't tell on me!!!- the local fire department was out practicing rescue attempts off the bridge. Hmmmm.... they are a bit attractive... maybe my friend should hang just a biiiiiitttttt over the edge.... she just might need rescuing!!!!!!! LOL! Watching the men gave me an idea, I want to BUNGEE jump from here. SERIOUSLY!!! Darn they won't let you, grrrrrr.

After we enjoyed the bridge and walked across and back we went to the City Center of Bristol (what we would call downtown). In the early days (even before 1497)the city of Bristol was a major port for the country of England. It was a place for trading and shipping to many places including the Colonies. It also played a significant role in the tobacco and slavery trade. But as boats became larger the docks had to be shifted to deeper waters so now the docks play a more tourist role and pleasure center for the city of Bristol.

It was a nice journey through town, but honestly I felt we had not even come close to seeing all there was too see. Just imagine Downtown Dallas, Texas put in old buildings and squished together. That is what Bristol Center is like. They have all the latest fashions, shops, busy streets, tons of places to eat.... EXCEPT you can actually be entering a building that is hundreds of years old!

Now remember how I told you I dressed to look cute? NOT a good idea, many of the roads in this area of Bristol are STONES!!! OUCH!!!!! Talk about hurting my feet.... I was only wearing my fashionable crocs and the rocks just poked my feet all day! BLAST!!! Next time I will remember to wear trainers. So much for looking cute :-(


The official tourist site for Bristol

Clifton Suspension Bridge

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  1. Wow! So neat! Looks like you are really enjoying yourself there.