Friday, August 28, 2009

Off we go in YO-YO!

Bluefish has this fantastic Volkswagen Camper Van that is a Type 25 built in 1989 and bought by him in 2004. He has used YO-YO for weekend trips since then, but never before has YO-YO been traveling as much as this summer!!!!!! Fruit Loop and I had major travel plans for our holiday and as long as he remained unemployed so would we remain on vacation! I was not to sure about how much actual camping we would be doing, but having grown up spending every school break on a campsite I was prepared for anything. To my surprise our first adventure was in STYLE! We had electricity and Bluefish had even brought the microwave, large refrigerator, and electric kettle. Just 100 feet away was a wonderful shower area and they even had a hot water dish washing area (washing up as they call it here).

Now sleeping arrangements....well that was another story altogether. YO-YO does have a foldout bed, but Fruit Loop being tall and I being... lets just say wide at the hips... thought sleeping inside would be a bit cramped. So it was into the awning with us (an awning is an attached tent to the van). Sounds great until you realize the air mattress is at most 3 inches thick!! Seriously I think we were just sleeping on the ground. But don't worry after we got home we found the air mattress we had been looking for and bought it with the money my awesome friends had given us as a gift. Now we sleep on a deluxe Areobed! It is soooo comfy and inflates in 5 minutes. Yea! Yes, this is a commercial. hehehehe

I want you to look closely at the photos... See the one with the flowers? Those flowers are stuck to the inside windshield of YO-YO. The daisy/bluebonnet ones are my arrangement and the others are Bluefish's mother's arrangement. Don't they add a nice touch to the van?! Well - I think so! Do you also notice the one with Fruit Loop looking at the map? Well that is the way he looks ALL the time while we are driving around. Is he lost? No, but I swear to you that there are NO straight paths to any destination in the entire United Kingdom!!! One minute we will be heading north, the next south, and then east...all to get to the town next to the one we are in!!!!!

One last comment on our traveling in YO-YO. At first Bluefish thought he would take us on all the scenic routes to I could enjoy the sites. Sitting in the camper you get a higher view of the world passing by so I should be able to see all kinds of wonders. NOPE!!!!!! Have you heard of a hedge? Here in the UK ALL, yes ALL the roads are bordered with hedges to protect the homes, farms, and fields from stray animals, roving cars, and speculating tourists. These virtual walls of plants or trees sound nice if you want to keep from seeing something, but I want to see ANYTHING BUT A HEDGE!!!! Let me give you running commentary of my window scenes...

Oh honey look its a shee....HEDGE. Hmmm.... I think I see a cast...HEDGE. Look at that wonderful vie.....HEDGE!!!!!!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

You guessed it, I gave up trying to see anything and just went to sleep! Boy does this drive Bluefish crazy!!! At first I tried to pretend I was awake, but he caught on quick when you COULD actually see something out of the van windows and I didn't respond with the appropriate animal noise. Baaaa for a sheep, Moooo for a cow, Neighhhh for a horse, and "oh look at the baby" for a dog! So despite the fact that YO-YO gives you a higher view, I rarely see much! (Ok, seriously I do look but you really do see hedges about 70% of the time. Do you blame me for taking a doze?)

To all of my loyal fans I want to apologize for not keeping up-to-date with my travels. If you need to blame someone, just blame my knight in shinning armour YO-YO! He has taken us all over England and Wales this summer and I am sure he will continue to carry us afar in the future. In the morning we leave for York so he will be showing me the North East of England that I have yet to see (if I can stay awake and the hedges will cooperate!). Stay tuned everyone for the numerous entries of all of our trips. I have the photos ready and all I need to do is spend some time at home. If you can't wait, get on Facebook and find my page!

Off to get YO-YO packed for another adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!

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